Autorefractor Keratometer Lxvision LRK-5200 2018

Autorefractor  Keratometer Lxvision LRK-5200 2018
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Autorefractor  Keratometer Lxvision LRK-5200 2018

its comfortable, luxurious, and reliable. This diagnostic instrument utilizes precise optical technology combined with high performance hardware to allow each element the ability to be customizable to your needs and preferences. An adjustable chin rest and headrest, familiar joystick control and automatic measurement modes make the LRK-5200 easy for any operator to use.


- Auto-Ref / Keratometer
- Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement
- Kerato-Peripheral Measurement
- Iol Function
- Amplified Retro-Illumination Imaging
- Accurate Measurement Of Pupil Size
- Auto Focus Measurement
- Alignment & Focus Joystick
- Wide 7 Inch Tft Lcd Tilt Monitor Display
- Auto-Cut Thermal Printer
- Locking Lever


- 1 unit Model Eye
- 1 unit Power Code (2.5m)
- 3 rolls Printer Paper (Width 57mm)
- 2 units Fuse (2A 250V)
- 1 bundle Chin-Rest Paper(500sheets)
- 4 units Chin-Rest Pin
- 1 units Dusts cover
- Operator's manual

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