Canon CR5-45NM Fundus Retinal Camera upgraded to digital

Canon CR5-45NM Fundus Retinal Camera upgraded to digital
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- This item is a pre-owned fundus camera that have been upgraded to digital with conversion kit that we developed.
- Just connect applicable DSLR camera to the adaptor on the fundus camera body, and then take photos as the same way as before.

◎ Benefits

- High resolution digital image.
- Managing Patients data in digital formats.
- Saving cost compared with 35mm and Polaroid film.
- Back up in a Computer, and save time, space and cost in hospital management

* Compared to using capture card, which is adopted by most brand new digital fundus camera, those using DSLR make better photos.
    Because most digital fundus cameras get images by capturing a moment from consecutive video signal that produced by CCD camera, we call it indirect method, while DSLR system directly creates a still image from photosensor.
    This is how you can take better pictures at a economical price making use of your old equipment.

◎ Model/Specification

- Canon CR5-45NM Fundus Camera
- Canon Digital Camera (EOS 450D, 12M Pixel) 
- Lens Adapter
- Trigger box
- D/B software program(M.Snap)

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