GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe Ultrasound Machine

GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe Ultrasound Machine
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GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe is a general purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system that can enable qualified and trained healthcare professionals to visualize and measure anatomical structures and fluid. Its pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface enable integration into examination and training sessions. The information this Extend Sector Probe provides to physicians can be used for basic or focused assessments. It can also be used along with other medical data for clinical diagnostic purposes during routine periodic monitoring and triage assessments for adult and pediatric patients. Vscan Extend can also be used for procedural guidance.

The new Vscan model features:

New design with touch screen interface you can operate easily with just one finger or thumb
Wireless image export for quick communication of vital information
Cloud ecosystem provides access to guided workflow, reports, and triage applications
Downloadable apps such as Bladder Volume and Lung protocol

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