GE VIVID E9 BT13 Ultrasound with warranty

GE VIVID E9 BT13 Ultrasound with warranty
GE VIVID E9 BT13 Ultrasound with warranty
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GE Vivid E9

The GE Vivid E9 is a top of the line Cardiovascular ultrasound system with the latest features in a compact size. The GE Vivid E9 was first introduced in 2008.

Brand Name : GE,

Place of origin : California,United states

Model Number : Vivid E9


Cardiac,Vascular,OB/GYN,Abdominal,Musculoskeletal,Small parts,Pediatric,Fetal,Adult cephalic,Transesophageal

Imaging modes



Color M-mode

Color Doppler

Power Doppler

PW Doppler

CW Doppler

Anatomic M-Mode


Cardiac 4D

Color M Doppler




Color Flow Mode

Split Screen

Quad Screen


17" tilt & swivel LCD screen

4 probe ports [1 PD port, 3 PDT ports]

Height adjustable, swiveling keyboard

Accelerated Volume Architecture

4D Views [One-touch preset views]

4D Strain

Coded Pulse

Auto LVQ

AFI for Tri-plane & TEE

Auto-Align for 4D

Multi-Slice Imaging for 4D

Dynamic Multi-Slice

Curved Anatomical M-Mode

2D Auto EF

2D Angio Flow

Scan Assist

4D Virtual Store

4D Stress Echo

Multi-dimensional stress

Multi-dimensional imaging

Bi-place acquisition for 4D

Tri-place acquisition for 4D

Multi-dimensional color acquisition for 4D

Quantitative TVI Stress Echo Analysis

Tissue velocity M-mode

Tissue M-mode

TVI [Tissue Velocity Imaging]

THI [Tissue Harmonic Imaging]

Tissue Tracking

Tissue velocity Doppler

Blood flow imaging

Blood flow angio flow imaging

IMT [Intima-Media Thickness]

Q  analysis

Scan Assist

USB ports

Coded phase inversion contrast imaging


Compound imaging

Auto crop

Flip crop

View crop

Stereo vision

Depth color Render

Automated 4D left ventricular quantification

210 MB of cine memory




Audio out ports

4 USB ports

video printer

DVR [Digital Video Recorder]


TSI [Tissue Synchronization Imaging]

Strain Imaging

Strain rate imaging

Include 5 probe : M5sc-D ,4C-D,9L-D,6S-D, 12S-D)

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