Ge Voluson E6 Ultrasound Machine BT17

Ge Voluson E6 Ultrasound Machine BT17
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Product Information:
Manufacturer: Ge Voluson E6 Ultrasound Machine 2017

The GE Voluson E6 is the entry-level system in the E-Series platform, providing exceptional image quality in a smart system designed to meet your facilities daily needs. Built on the powerful E-Series platform, the Voluson E6 combines advanced probe technology plus innovative hardware and software architecture. Every component works together - processing multiple data points simultaneously in real-time to deliver exceptional images. The Voluson E6 helps you to see more, at earlier stages. 

State-of-the-art user interface with high resolution 10.4 inch LCD touch panel
Automatic Tissue Optimization
Coded Harmonic Imaging with Pulse Inversion Technology
Coded Excitation (CE)
Tissue Doppler
SRI (Speckle reduction imaging)
CrossXBeamCRI (Compound Resolution Imaging)
Static 3D Mode:
B Mode only
B + Power Doppler Mode
B + CFM Doppler Mode
B + HD-Flow Mode
B + CRI + PD
B + CRI + HD-Flow
B + Contrast
B + B-Flow
Focus & Frequency Composite (FFC)
High Resolution Steering
Virtual Convex
Wide Angle on endovaginal probes
Patient information database
Image Archive on hard drive
3D/4D data compression (lossy/lossless)
Real-time automatic Doppler calcs
OB/GYN, Vascular, Cardio, Abdominal, Small-Parts, Urology, Pediatrics, Ortho, Neurology 

Available Probes:
4C-D Wide Band Convex Probe
C1-5-D Wide Band Convex Probe
RSP6-16-D Wide Band Linear Volume Probe
RNA5-9-D Wide Band Convex Volume Probe
RRE6-10-D Wide Band Convex Volume Probe
3S-D Wide Band Phased Array Probe
PA 6-8-D Wide Band Phased Array Probe
P2-D CW Doppler Pencil Probe
P6-D CW Doppler Pencil Probe
AB2-7-D Wide Band Convex Probe
M6C Wide Band Convex Probe(1.25D Array)
IC 5-9-D Wide Band Convex Probe
SP10-16-D Wide Band Linear Probe
11L-D Wide Band Linear Probe
9L-D Wide Band Linear Probe
RAB2-5-D Wide Band Convex Volume Probe
RAB4-8-D Wide Band Convex Volume Probe
RIC5-9-D Wide Band Convex Volume Probe

1 year international warranty

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