GE VOLUSON S8 OB GYN -Vascular Ultrasound

GE VOLUSON S8 OB GYN -Vascular Ultrasound
GE VOLUSON S8 OB GYN -Vascular Ultrasound
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GE VOLUSON S8 OB GYN S8 system opens new opportunities in clinical imaging while enabling the efficiency and productivity that busy practices demand. Among its advantages:

Extraordinary image quality

the foundation of Voluson ultrasound to help achieve a clear view into obstetric and gynecologic exams.

Sophisticated fetal assessment tools —

to help support earlier, more detailed evaluations.
Innovative probe technologies

to support thorough evaluations of even the most challenging patients.
Easy imaging

with system intelligence and probe technology combining to produce outstanding images with minimal user interaction.
Easy-to-use automation tools — that help streamline workflow, forge stronger connections with patients and referring physicians, and control costs.
Ergonomic design — that simplifies how users interact with the system and helps provide optimal comfort while scanning.
High diagnostic confidence. Superb applications flexibility. Advanced yet affordable technology. Peace of mind that comes from making Voluson ultrasound part of your practice. The Voluson S8 delivers what you’ve been looking for in an ultrasound system.

Designed with both patients and caregivers in mind.

We consulted sonographers in designing the VolusonTM Signature Series. With the Voluson S8 system, you can expect fewer keystrokes, great responsiveness, and a high degree of automation, enabling you to concentrate on the patient rather than system operation. Other features include:

19-inch, flat-screen LCD monitor — The large, high-resolution monitor helps to increase visibility and reduce eye fatigue.
Compact and mobile — The sleek, lightweight console is easy to transport. Its small footprint slides under beds and makes optimal use of small spaces.
Probe protection — The thoughtful design of the probes holder protects delicate probes while positioning them for optimal convenience.
Wireless connectivity — Manage patient information, report data, and send images effortlessly.
Integrated peripherals — Reduce clutter and easy-to-access USB ports expand functionality.
Intuitive keyboard design — Provides fast access to frequently used functions to help reduce exam times and facilitate training.
Voluson strives to provide exceptional user comfort and productivity. The Signature Series also follows the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) ergonomic guidelines.

VOLUSON S8 new with warranty. MFG 2014. Includes 3D/4D Imaging 

19” High Resolution flat panel display, Advanced VCI, STIC, SonoAVC Follicle, SonoVCAD Labor, SonoVCAD Heart, Scan Assist, SonoNT, Dicom, XTD View, Advanced SRI (Speckle reduction imaging), CrossXBeam CRI (Compound Resolution Imaging), HD-Zoom, Sono Render Start, Raw Data, Wireless Connectivity 

Imaging Modes: 
Color Doppler, PW Doppler, M-Mode, Angio, 3D/4D Expert, Contrast, B-Flow, Elastography, Anatomic M-Mode, HD Flow, Dual View 

RAB4-8RS 4D Convex, E8C-RS 2D Vaginal, 4C-RS convex 

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