SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine Best

SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine Best
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SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine-Best B/W Ultrasound& Choice of One Probe

New, never used, warranty 2 years. Additional Warranty 5% per year.

Carrying bag included.
Genuine Sonsocape A6 cart included.
Additional probe is $1000.
Battery, DICOM Included.
According to the report of An Update on Ergonomic Issues in Sonography ggpy made by Carmel Murphy, which surveyed 1621 sonographers among Britain, Canada and America. It is reported that: 45% sonographers feel not discomfort in their eyes and 74% report neck pains. SonoScape has come up with a solution for these complaints:

SonoScape has 12 inch LCD, 110*130 imaging area.

SonoScape A6 30º adjustable positon

A6 is a full digital B/W HCU system with 6kg weight and it is integrated with a lot of ergonomic designs to make it easy-to-use and excellent for diagnosis. Besides this special design, the biggest strength of A6 is the premium image quality which is comparable to hi-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems. This reliable and easy-to-use ultrasound scanner can be used in abdominal, OB/GYN, radiology, small parts, and the emerging applications, such as ICU, emergency, anesthesia, MSK, and so on.

• Position adjustable 12" LCD monitor

• Weighs less than 6kg, Convertible trolley design

• Application fields: General, Radiology, OB/GYN, Vascular, Urology, Anesthesia, Emergency, ICU, Physiotherapy, MSK, Pediatric, etc.

• THI technology with Five Variable Frequency

• Intuitive operation with M-Tuning one-key image optimization

• Clip-board function for quick patient image capture and review

• 180° endocavity probe with Temp-detection Technology

• Full patient database solutions: DVD, USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM3.0, etc.

• Built-in high capacity Li-ion battery

• Professional human software

• Specific veterinary transducers: Endocavity, High frequency micro-convex, High frequency phased array

Standard configuration including:

Built-in Linux system

Full digital beam former

High resolution; industrial-grade COLOR LCD

The back-lit operator panel is ergonomically designed for comfortable and efficient ease of use even in dark room

Built-in storage, archive for doctor for later review, making the analysis easier

Tissue Harmonic Imaging


Cine Memory, Image memory, storage image measurable 8-steps TGC continuously adjustable 5 frequency-selection for each probe, working frequency from 2.0MHz to 12.0MHz (probe depending)

Chroma: 8 types

Imaging mode: Tissue harmonic Imaging, B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B

Shortcuts Key

One button optimization

Integrated workstation

PDF report

software package


Two Probes connectors and selectable via keyboard and Hot swap

Net weight: Approx 6kg (without probe) C351, 6-2MHz/R50mm, Abdominal Convex Probe

Optional Transducer:

C351, 6-2MHz/R50mm, Abdominal Convex Probe

C543, 8-3MHz/R40mm, Abdominal, Pediatric Convex Probe

C312, 5-2MHz/R15mm, Adult Cardiology Convex Probe

C612, 9-4MHz/R13mm, Pediatric, Veterinary Convex Probe

L745, 11-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small Parts Linear Probe

6V5, 9-4MHz/R10.3mm, Endovaginal Probe

C721, 11-5MHz/R20mm, Convex Probe, 70 degree

C741, 11-5MHz/R40mm, Convex Probe, 65 degree

L761V, 11-5MHz/60mm, Linear Probe

L3, 6-2MHz/100mm, Linear Probe

L561V 7-3MHz/60mm, Linear Endocavity probe

Optional Accessories:

Trolley for A6 V

Footswitch for A6 V for freeze

External DVD-RW for storage

Travel suitcase

Optional Biopsy guide for transducer

Biopsy guide for C351 probe (Metal)

Biopsy guide for L745 probe (Metal)

Biopsy guide for 6V4 probe (Metal)

Biopsy guide for EC2 probe(Metal)

Biopsy guide for EC2 probe(Disposal)

Biopsy guide for BCC9-4 bi-plane (Metal)

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