Biosound Caris Portable Ultrasound Machine 2018

Biosound Caris Portable Ultrasound Machine 2018
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The Biosound Caris includes a variety of options that add to its versatility, including a large number of compatible probes, a powerful calculation package and a 15” SVGA monitor. Even though you can find smaller units compared to this 35-pound model, you will have hard a hard time beating its reliability and durability.

Detailed Product Description

The Biosound Caris ultrasound machine offers the following features:

2D, Doppler, M-Mode, CW Doppler and CFM imaging modes
Digital beam former
Stress echo
TEI (harmonics)
Color and power flow mapping
Built-in carrying handle
Backlit keyboard
Optional 15” SVGA monitor

Biosound Caris System Applications:


Biosound Caris Portable 


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