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Nidek AFC-330 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera
The NIDEK AFC-330 camera- All-in-One with Built in computer and 12 megapixel camera. With virtually ..
Ex Tax: $5,750.00
Nidek AR-360A Automatic Refractometer
Nidek AR-360A Automatic Refractometer [AR-360A] The Nidek AR-360A Autorefractometer is a reliabl..
Ex Tax: $3,350.00
NIDEK ARK-530A Autorefraktometer Keratometer
NIDEK ARK-530A Autorefraktometer Keratometer Nidek ARK 530A is an Objective Automatic Refractor/Ker..
Ex Tax: $2,800.00
Nidek Auto Ref /Keratometer ARK-1/1S
Features Accurate refraction measurement Easy VA measurement with glare test (available for the AR..
Ex Tax: $3,600.00
NIDEK LE 9000SX SANTINELLI Patternless Edger New
The Santinelli LE 9000SX Patternless Edger 3D tracing and edging All material capable Precise bevel..
Ex Tax: $6,500.00
NIDEK LE-1000 Patternless Edger
The designing of the Le 1000 has been done with the most advanced Computer Aided Design components. ..
Ex Tax: $3,400.00
Nidek LE-1200 Patternless Edger New
The LE-1200 offers faster grinding capabilities. Short cycle time and high luster finish are the res..
Ex Tax: $5,200.00
Nidek LE-7070 Patternless Edger New
Nidek LE-7070 Patternless Edger [LE7070] The LE 7070 is another high quality patternless system ..
Ex Tax: $2,700.00
Included: 1 x Nidek Lex 1000 Patternless Edger Product Details: Nidek Lex 1000 Patternles..
Ex Tax: $4,100.00
Nidek Marco ARK 9000 OPD SCAN New
Marco Nidek ARK 9000 OPD SCAN  3 Instruments in 1 Corneal Topography Both corneal topography..
Ex Tax: $4,500.00
NIDEK Marco OPD Scan II ARK 10000 Corneal Topographer
NIDEK OPD-Scan II provides information on corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratome..
Ex Tax: $4,100.00
NIDEK MM-1 Corneal Topographer
NIDEK MM-1 Corneal Topographer [MM-1] The first plug & play Corneal Topographer The Magella..
Ex Tax: $3,300.00
NIDEK OPD Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer
NIDEK OPD Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer [OPD Scan III] This Autorefractor, Keratometer, Pupillo..
Ex Tax: $7,680.00
Nidek Santinelli XtremD LT-1200 Satellite Tracer New
Manufacturer Description : High Curve Expert The Nidek Santinelli XtremD LT-1200 Satellite Trace..
Ex Tax: $7,500.00
Nidek TonoRef II Auto Refractometer
Nidek TonoRef II Auto Refractometer [TonoRef II] Nidek TonoRef II Auto Refractometer Building on ..
Ex Tax: $4,100.00
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