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Medison Mysono U5 Portable Ultrasound 2017
Medison Mysono U5 Portable Ultrasound 2016 Portable Ultrasound with 3 probes The Medison MySono U..
Ex Tax: $5,990.00
MEDISON SA-600 Ultrasound
It delivers superior reliability SonoAce 600 uses custom-designed application specific integrated..
Ex Tax: $4,200.00
Medison Samsung Accuvix A30 ULTRASOUND
SAMSUNG ACCUVIX A30 ULTRASOUND w/ 4 probes Accuvix A30, establishes a new benchmark for state-of-..
Ex Tax: $16,000.00
Medison Samsung Accuvix XG 2016 with 3 transducers
Samsung Medison Accuvix XG 2016 with 3 transducers Volume convex and Endo D Image Features  ..
Ex Tax: $15,000.00
Medison Samsung SonoAce R5 Ultrasound System
Medison Samsung SonoAce R5 Ultrasound System Slim & Compact Design The highly practical Sono..
Ex Tax: $5,500.00
Medison SonoAce R3 Ultrasound System 2017
SonoAce R3 is a portable color ultrasound system with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Full Sp..
Ex Tax: $4,200.00
Medison Sonoace X4 OB GYN Ultrasound
MEDISON SONOACE X4 OB GYN Ultrasound Powerful imaging - Duplex mode for simultaneous 2D and pulsed..
Ex Tax: $6,500.00
Medison SonoAce X6 New
The Medison SonoAce X6 is an entry level cardiac and shared service ultrasound system that sells bra..
Ex Tax: $7,990.00
Medison SonoAce X8 OB GYN Ultrasound 2016
Quick Diagnoses and Quick Operation - Speckle Reduction Filter  - FSI (Full Spectrum Imaging)..
Ex Tax: $8,500.00
Medison SonoAce-8000 2014
The Medison Sonoace 8000 is decidedly a specialized ultrasound machine. It was developed in order to..
Ex Tax: $4,900.00
Medison Transducer C3 7ED Brand New
Medison C3 7ED - Probe: C3 7ED Type: Convex 3-7Mhz Compatible with:   Sonoace 5500, 600..
Ex Tax: $1,250.00
Probe Medison C2-5 60BD 60mm Convex Array Ultrasound
Medison C2-5/60BD Ultrasound Transducer Probe 60mm Convex Array Guaranteed to Function as Designed..
Ex Tax: $1,300.00
Probe Medison EC4-9 10R Ultrasound Transducer
MEDISON EC4-9/10R Ultrasound Transducer Medison endovaginal EC4-9/10R ultrasound transducer for s..
Ex Tax: $1,400.00
Probe Medison HL5-12ED Transducer LINEAR ultrasound
MEDISON HL5-12ED Transducer LINEAR ultrasound probe 6 month warranty brand new ultrasound prob..
Ex Tax: $1,000.00
Probe Medison NEV4-9ES Transducer ultrasound probe
Brand new MEDISON NEV4-9ES Transducer  1 year warranty ..
Ex Tax: $1,100.00
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